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Released under the aegis of GNU, Copyright © 2000-2012 Nicolas Rougier, 2004-2016 Robert Sowada.


gnubiff is a mail notification program that checks for mail and displays headers when new mail has arrived.

gnubiff features include:


12 June 2016. Gnubiff 2.2.17 minor bugfix release.
7 February 2010. Gnubiff 2.2.13 minor bugfix release. Last release for GTK2 and GNOME2.
9 April 2006. Gnubiff 2.2.0 major feature release.


Version 2.2.17:


GNOME version
You have mail, GNOME version
Mail headers
Mail headers
GTK version
You have mail, GTK version
Mail display
Mail display


Download the sourcecode of the latest release gnubiff 2.2.17. Other releases are available at sourceforge.net.
You need GTK 3 (or higher) installed to compile.
If you want GNOME support you need GNOME 3 (or higher) installed to compile.
If you want gnubiff for GTK2 and GNOME2 please download gnubiff 2.2.13.


To install gnubiff with GNOME:
make install
When installing not to "/usr" it may be necessary to modify the file "/etc/bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-config.xml" or to execute "activation-client --add-path=..." before gnubiff can be added to the gnome panel.

To install gnubiff with GTK only:
./configure --disable-gnome
make install



gnubiff now uses a very simple PNG animation format that allow to use full color images and also to handle alpha channel properly (thanks to PNG support). The idea is simply to put all frames of your animation in one big PNG image and gnubiff will take care of the animation. But, gnubiff cannot decide what is the size of a frame based on image size and so, you have to provide this size with the name of the image. The convention is that frame size is between parenthesis. For example, "anim(64x64).png" means that frame size is 64 by 64 pixels and then image should be 64 pixels width and n*64 pixels heigth where n is the number of frame.

To convert a gif animation to this format just type:
convert +append animation.gif animation(64x64).png
(where 64x64 is the size of a single frame)

You are welcome to contribute by submitting images, animations or sounds to be used with gnubiff.


Nicolas Rougier is the original author.
Nicolas Rougier, Robert Sowada and Roland Stigge are main developers and maintainers.

Bugs should be reported at the gnubiff bug tracker.

Last modified: 12 June 2016
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